Preview the Mandarin Panda Program Video

After some 16 months of teaching the program in Malaysia, our first pilot base, we have some 300 children who have gone through the program. We will be compiling a Learning Outcome Report of the program to share with you. In the meantime we put together here some snap shots of the activities — Overview of Mandarin Panda on you tube.

You can also see a record of all the major events of the Mandarin Panda program in our facebook page — Mandarin Panda Page.

A Preview of our class in session

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Global Hanyu Explored Collaboration with Hand Percussion

Global Hanyu explored collaboration with Hand Percussion to launch Mandarin Panda Drum. One of the six talent of a holistic individual is music.

Global Hanyu is exploring with Malaysia’s leading percussion group; Hand Percussion to develop a Mandarin Panda Drum program for 4,5,6 years old. The key purpose of this music component is to help children experience rhythm and develop a ear for music and expression through percussion.

Preliminary discussion is to have a 10 hour module for this group of children divided into 10 sessions of an hour each.

Stay tuned for more news.

Hand Percussion Group@Facebook

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You can sculpture a Panda with clay

Mandarin Panda program makes its debut with sculpture with clay to make creative copies of the Yongyong the baby panda or the Panda family. Students will be able to experience this creativity in the upcoming Mandarin Panda Holiday Camps which will feature Mandarin & Clay Sculpture. Stay tuned for annoucement.

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Hanzi Cookies Stall Open: Experience the trial version

Baby Panda Yongyong opens his first stall to sell Hanzibing; trial run begins April 1st 2011.  It is an exciting flash game; colorful and vibrant. All our students doing Character recognition programs will use this game as a revision of their learning — with lots of prizes and goodies in store.

Baby Panda, the ever self-reliant baby panda wants to build up enough savings for his world travel. His family; in particular his aunt XinXin helps him to make biscusits with Hanzi ( Chinese Character) imprinted to sell. The guests will come and ask for a specific set of Hanzi. Yongyong then dish out a box of 4 biscuits with the correct Hanzi and earn RM10. He goes on to do business for the day.

Students will log in with their enrolment number online; insert the last lesson number so they can do a revision of the current lesson plan and then play with all the Hanzi they have learnt so far. There will be an accumulation score; each day; a minimum amount must be earned to cover overhead ( we train them to be cost conscious from young) and then only he makes a profit.

Login and register. You are welcome to experience the free trial.

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Mandarin Panda Basic 1500 Characters Box

Once you have mastered these 1536 Characters, you would have covered 90.5% of all the characteres you need to build Chinese words and phrases. Mandarin Panda uses the Dengji Hanzi Character arranged by Prof Guo Bao Hua. There are six levels, each sentence consists of 4 characters; these characters prose is composed following the Classical Learning Method.

The comes with a Six Books and a CD to help students master the correct pronounciation.

For more information contact or Tel 03 7954 7485.

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Junior Panda Course FormatPrimary school 1 to 6 who wishes to join the Junior Mandarin Panda program can now enrol at Global Hanyu Malaysia. Classes will be held at our Main Center at Three Two Square. Weekday schedule of both morning and afternoon sessions are available. More details

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Holiday Camp for Baby Panda OPENS for registration now.

Special 心六艺 Holiday camp opens for registration now. 4 – 7 years old are invited to participate in this intensive 6 days camp to be conducted at our new main center with dedicated facilities for Children.  For more on schedule and registration, click here: MP Holiday Camp 2010

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